Brazil - Iguazu Falls

By bus and without bicycle - as part of a bicycle world trip - from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls on the Argentinean and on the Brazilian side and back to Buenos Aires.



1 February 2007 / 1 day

0 km

0 metres in altitude

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Bicycle Travelling Report


With Gustavo I prepared myself for the eighteen hours bus ride from the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires to Iguazu in northern Argentina to give the famous Iguazu Falls a visit. The first day we explored the fall's Argentinean side, where we got an incredible glimpse inside the Devil's Gorge. If our globe was a flat disc, it would probably look at its edge the way it looked like here. Unbelievable and mind-boggling amounts of water were impressively crashing down from three sides in this open gap.



Next day we head for Brazil and its part of the falls, before going for a brazil all-you-can-eat buffet. Gustavo had to go back to Peru by travelling to Paraguay and Bolivia and I went back to Buenos Aires.

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